Rouxcel Technology is a conservation company specializing in the design and deployment of rhino collars which detect and transmit abnormal rhino behaviour in real-time. The system consists of two main components, namely AI-Enabled Rhino Collars and a Private Network. The Rhino Collar design includes smart algorithms which continuously monitor the rhino’s behavior. An alert is generated in the event of abnormal behavioral activity which pinpoints the incident location via GPS. This enables the effective, real-time investigation of possible poaching incidents.

Dr S.P. le Roux

Dr SP le Roux Rhino Collar AI Enabled
Founder and CEO

SP le Roux holds a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Stellenbosch. His expertise are in the design and development of ultra-low power electronics with embedded AI for endangered wildlife species. SP is passionate about rhino conservation – he is currently working with various rhino custodians to provide a holistic solution for the rhino poaching crisis.

“We believe in range expansion through the successful implementation of technology.

Contact Details: | 082 823 1567

“We believe in range expansion through the successful implementation of technology.”

Rouxcel Technology Logo by Dr SP le Roux
Contact Details:
082 823 1567

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